Social Responsibility

Environmental safety

All Neomondo products meet EU and Norwegian requirements settled in various directives and regulations. The products are tested for restricted substances and are environment friendly. Products meet general product safety requirements. The products are occupied with necessary documentation (test reports, certificates where applicable, certificates of origin). The children products are made by following the restrictions specially made for children’s clothing.

Animal Welfare

In recent years more and more people have become concerned about the ethical treatment of animals. The animal welfare is ensured while manufacturing Neomondo products. Materials and fillings such as wool, down and feather are the most popular raw materials from animal industry.


Wool used in Neomondo products (wool sweaters, thermal underwear, beanies, socks) is traceable and is from non-mulesed sheep. The wool comes from farms with great attention to animal care (Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia). The farms are against mulesing and do not practice “mulesing” on their sheep. P.S.: Animal welfare is against mulesing sheep.


The down and feathers used in Neomondo products (down jackets) are an agricultural by-product of the food industry, much like leather. Ducks are not raised for their plumage, but as an important source of nutrition for millions of people worldwide. The down and features are taken from post-mortem ducks. P.S.: Animal welfare is against live-plucking.

Producers and Ethical trading

Neomondo products are produced in China and Myanmar (from 2018).

All suppliers follow Ethical trading and are inspected by a 3rd party independent company. The ethical audit is based on ETI base code. It evaluates various aspects like freely chosen employment, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, no child labour, no discrimination, no harsh or inhumane treatment, safe and hygienic working conditions, adequate wages. The ethical audits are performed according the SA8000 standard, BSCI or Sedex (SMETA).